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I am an experienced freelancer in both media and the creative arts. Using my skills I have written for on-line magazines and newspapers such as Public Pressure, The News Hub and The Mancunion.

I’ve utilised my communication skills with various radio stations as a producer and presenter such as; Mi-Soul Radio, Eagle Radio and INRIX Media to name a few.

Vicky Carter -5694I’ve brought my vivacious energy to TV opportunities such as working with Fuse TV Manchester covering live events such as; Pangaea Music Festival and NHS Demonstrations, Eagle 3 interviewing music artists and Winkball covering cultural events in London like the Shubbak Eid Festival.

I’ve worked with inspirational theatre companies facilitating workshops such as Bush Theatre, Odd Arts and NCS The Challenge which help implement change.

And as you may have guessed, my passions revolve around Travel, Music and the Creative Arts.

Want to know a little more about my work ethic?

I possess excellent communication, organisation and problem solving skills. I work equally as well in a team as I do individually and maintain great levels of confidence while working under pressure in many positions, including working to deadlines and with the public.

I am a highly creative and positive person and I enjoy using media as a platform to create, inspire and engage, whether it be through written word, radio, video or photographic content. I have a strong ability to adapt easily in new situations as I was brought up abroad which has led me to strengthen in my ideals of diversity and to embrace new cultures and people from all walks of life.

My specialities are: Creative Writing, Presenting, Journalism, Broadcasting with Radio/TV, Social Media, Video Production/Editing, Radio Production/Editing, Interviewing, Customer Service, Blogging with WordPress, Script Writing, Studio Operating with Zeta Software and Myriad, Voiceovers & Workshop Facilitation.

However, do feel free to click on the below images to find out a little more about each area of my expertise.

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Workshop Facilitator

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