Workshop Facilitator

Workshop Facilitator

Creative Arts

My love for workshop facilitation has stemmed from my theatrical and performing arts background. Initially, I used the elements of drama to explore role play, characterisation and physical theatre, solely for the purpose to educate myself, and to entertain the audience. However, this soon introduced me to Theatre In Education and Verbatim Theatre, both attributes of Applied Theatre, which I studied more in depth whilst at the University of Manchester. I was astonished to learn of the incredible affect Applied Theatre has on it’s participants, whether that be offenders, members of the community, or children in education. Using the elements of drama and certain methods of creativity, a facilitator can inspire, educate and engage participants towards a particular aim, goal, or merely as a tool to motivate.


NCS The Challenge

Seasonal Drama Workshop Facilitator

I have been hired to facilitate drama workshops throughout the summer months within Surrey to 15-17 year olds on a National Citizen programme. The purpose of the programme is to encourage creativity and build confidence within the teenagers which will benefit them in future life.

Bush Theatre

Freelance Drama Workshop Facilitator

I work for Bush Theatre on a freelance basis, leading and delivering a variety of drama workshops with different members of the community. So far my work has involved local school children from the age of 7, co creating “A Play in a Day”.

Super 8 Stage and Screen

Part Time Weekend Drama Teacher

A drama company that focuses on the dramaturgies and techniques of acting, for both stage and screen. I teach the stage aspect, teaching two classes a range of styles and affects that will be useful throughout their creation and performance. The two classes I teach are aged 11-13 and 13-18 years old.

Dandelion Theatre Arts Company

Freelance Cover Drama and Dance Teacher

A wonderful ethos behind this company, I cover lessons on an ad-hoc basis which include both elements of Drama and Dance within them. A termly performance drives each class, so there are rehearsals consistently throughout.

Dandelion Theatre Arts

Wemms Education Centre

Part Time Drama Teacher

I am working with Wemms Education Centre in Ashtead, teaching one on one drama lessons with children who have learning difficulties. The aim is to engage the children, inspire confidence and for them to develop new communication and listening skills.

Showdown Theatre Arts

Freelance Cover Drama Teacher

Immediately needing a cover teacher, I jumped at the opportunity to teach a class dedicated to drama techniques and building skills prior to rehearsals. I provide cover when needed on an ad hoc basis to a class of 35 students, ages ranging from 5-19.

Showdown Theatre Arts

Eagle Extra

Workshop Facilitator

Purposes of workshops have been for arts awards, engagement with media, media qualification, fun, social media law and transition projects. Participants have varied from children with learning difficulties, young children, young carers, vulnerable children and children from deprived backgrounds.

Eagle Extra


Workshop Facilitator

I facilitated an arts workshop with the “Girls Club”, a community based workshop around common issues shared with the group whilst I volunteered in the Philippines in Tacloban with the organisation.



Workshop Facilitator

With the TiPP company I facilitated a drama residency at Styal Prison with a group of female offenders. It was a fantastic experience and one that enlightened me in various aspects of life. I learnt to think quick on my feet and adapt to situations, as well as plan a residency day to day with certain aims and objectives to spark creativity, inspire, educate and engage.


Odd Arts

Workshop Facilitator

I worked on a community project called Rathbone that was working with teenagers to gain arts award qualifications using media in Greater Manchester, I worked with Youth Offenders in an institution aiding the participants and supporting the development of creative arts and co facilitated an issue based workshop with in a number of schools on the subject of abuse.

odd arts

Guildford Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Assistant Director

Working on a show called “A Play in a Week” which entailed myself and the director working with 7-12 year olds on a summer holiday drama workshop which involved me registering the children and supporting them throughout the week. I lead sessions with creative and energising games, and communicated with the director with all costume details and prop ideas and any dramatical and technical issues. I learnt the importance of instruction and attention to detail as well as thinking creatively and safely fast in certain situations.

Guildford Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

University of Manchester

Performer in Directorial’s, NHS Plays & Film Dissertation

Director of Drama TV Series: Universal





National Youth Theatre

Performer in course, Fast Forward event &

interactive National Theatre Event.



Performer  from Level 5 to Gold

& Work Experience as a LAMDA teacher.


St. Teresa’s School

Head of House & Head of Drama

St.Teresa's School

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