Nepal Travel Video

I loved Nepal. The ornate temples, stunning natural sights of towering mountains and harmonious lakes that fill the skyline, and not to mention the variety of extreme sports. In this video I combine my passion for TV presenting, with my love for travel, in my first travel video ever.

Have a watch and let me know what your favourite part of Nepal is.

Where You Should Head to…

I love Indonesia. Any of you who have read my previous posts on Indonesia, may have realised this. Why? Well, the country is teaming with incredible wildlife and nature, its a haven for geothermal activity and hosts an array of extreme sports- which I love by the way if you haven’t noticed, it has stunning beaches and islands, an interesting culture and religion that reflects on the art and history of the country, warm people, amazing food and thousands and thousands of islands that are uniquely beautiful. That’s why.

Although many that visit Indonesia head only to “White Man’s Paradise”, the most over developed and least interesting island of them all: Bali. I team up with Hello Raya to highlight there are more places to visit in Indo other than just Bali.