Interviewing Tony Humphries

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tony recently about his new music, new style, and new start- a real new beginning! It was interesting to learn from Tony, his musical background of fronting such a highly supported and heavy rock band, Nylon Sky, and now how he is building on those experiences and transforming his relationship with music, shaping it to be a two way communication through his new style. He sticks to his tight rhymes and catchy rhythms, but adds a new layer of personal connection with those that listen to his music, influencing others. His music’s powerful and my favourite song of his, “Change For Yourself” is only the beginning of what he has to bring.

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Interviewing LA Underlined

Recently, on a wonderfully sunny day, I interviewed the charming 5 piece band, LA Underlined on their journey together as a band. After hearing their song “Thief in The Night” on one of the radio stations I present for, eagle3, I was intrigued to find out more about the content of the song, as well as the eclectic musical elements that combine and fuse together to form their original sound.

Their journey as a 5 piece band is relatively new and so they are beginning to craft their style and talent, performing at local venues throughout Surrey and London, honing in on their collaborative sound.

The interview I had with them is delightfully frank and honest, as they recall the trials and tribulations of creating a band and performing songs together.

For more information about the band, head on over to