Flying A Helicopter and Holding a Tarantula (not at the same time)

Well you may be aware that I oddly like to live my life by my bucket list- which does sound strange, living life by a list of things I want to do before I die, but it enables me to live adventurously continuously with an excuse (instead of people thinking I am just that mad with no legitimate reason). If you are interested in reading my full up to date completed list just click here.

In the last few months I have ticked off two things off my bucket list which are both unique and conquer three kinds of fears that many people commonly share: of heights, of flying and of spiders.

Most recently I flew a helicopter for the first time, courtesy of a Christmas present that allowed me to fly with Phoenix Helicopter’s based in Camberley, in Surrey. Having never flown a helicopter before, or even seen one, I was excited about the prospect of doing so. As we stepped closer and closer to the little machine, (Robinson 22 if you are wondering) I realised just how minute this aircraft was- barely any room for any belongings let alone any extra sophisticated gadgets I have seen in many an action film! I was told by Will my instructor, that this machine was known to be “the mosquito of the sky”, famous for its light weight and quaint size. As we began to take off and I gazed at the numerous buttons ahead of me, the propellers began to surge, becoming louder and louder, gaining momentum.

Taking off so rapidly and with such ease was an incredible sensation, one minute we there on the ground and the next we were off, whizzing through the clouds, speeding over tree tops- it was enthralling and an experience like no other. I then got the chance to turn and dip and dive, controlling the speed, direction and height, even trying to hover at one point (which is extremely difficult). For anyone who is thinking of trying, I really can’t recommend it enough- even if you would like to see the world in a new light, travelling by helicopter is fascinating.

Before that I took a day trip down to Drusilla’s Park in East Sussex where I had been given a gift voucher to hold a tarantula (you can see where my family gets their birthday and Christmas ideas for me from). The zoo itself is small and mainly catered towards under ten year olds, filled with interesting facts and fun games (which we enjoyed nonetheless!) The voucher also enables you to bring a guest which means my friend and I were able to check out lots of small mammals like meerkets and ant eaters with very little interruption and queues, which was an enjoyable experience.

We both then met the “spider expert”, a woman who showed us a number of different spiders and creepy crawlies, from the basic garden spider to a tarantula. She was enthusiastic and positive about their enlightening individual defence mechanisms and continued to highlight how little harm they did to us- “they are more scared of you, than you are of them!” So it was lovely to be shown a tarantula by a true enthusiast. Holding the furry lady (the spider!) highlighted just how fragile this little creature is and not one to be afraid of, as many are.  A wonderful experience learning more about such a misunderstood animal!

Why Are We Here?

I know quite a deep and meaningful thought to have on your average Tuesday evening in August. But recently, I was watching a film with my family (Passenger’s if you are wondering) which my dad commented on that the male character who Chris Pratt was playing, was following through our sole purpose in life: to find a mate and well, mate.

But is that really true? Is our sole purpose in life, why we are placed on this earth, to create more of our kind that consumes this world, eating up our resources and ruining our natural world? Man cannot be placed on this earth, merely to just spread his seeds to create more? Or women to merely be the carriers of our future generation and to mother their offspring?

No, I think the real purpose of our life is to change the world for the better, enriching others on our own life journey. Each individual person has their unique life purpose, varying in style, pattern and direction- some may not even have a purpose but merely ramble the world in awe of its beauty. Some may inspire others, spread positivism and happiness or help others through their work.

How can you reproduce and create more people- adding to the world and the strain of our resources, if you are indeed not happy? Imagine creating more unhappy, negative- evil even- people, contaminating the world with their thoughts and actions. I feel that if we focused more on the world we have now- and who’s already in it- changing it and improving it for a more sustainable and positive outcome, it is a much more proactive attitude for our future generations.

We should look at saving lives; uplifting lives or merely being happy through our own lives doing what we love- if that’s through travel, or working as a doctor, or even having a family, whatever that may be, but finding a partner and settling down shouldn’t be our main priority.

I believe, living our lives to the full and being happy, is the main purpose of our being.


Maybe I believe this perspective because I have recently left a relationship which consumed me, becoming my world and stepping out of this, has made me recognise that there is more to life, then in fact our partners. Yes, it’s left me raw and tender, but hell it’s made me stronger in not giving up my own hopes and dreams, ambitions and goals. I realised I lost my true self, my inner being, and now I can focus on what I want in life.

Yes, it’s hard to fall in love and stay strong to your own beliefs, ideals and aspirations without compromising for another, without balancing your thoughts to work with theirs. But not only has this relationship taught me about who I am and what I want in life, but it’s retaught me how to live my life.

So, I’m going to keep being happy and positive about what I do have, and not what I don’t have and hopefully inspiring others, and if I accidentally find love again- this time, I won’t lose myself in the process.

Reporting on Wimbledon Gone East for Winkball

Wimbledon season has alas now finished, however when the time is upon us, England is in a frenzy about the sport. Detailed information about matches surrounds us, strawberries and cream sell out in local supermarkets and many spend hours glued to the screen watching the outcome of such a tense sport.

I reported on how East London celebrates Wimbledon by checking out their event; Wimbledon Gone East at Old Spitalfields Market for Winkball.

Excuse my awful singing!

Street Art- And Why I Love It So

Street Art in Cologne

I recently wrote an article about the beauty behind Street Art and what a powerful artistic medium it is; what it can symbolise, and the impact it has on a place, for the magazine and label, Public Pressure. In particular I look at; Bristol, Prague, Varanasi and Malacca in Malaysia.


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