Are you looking for truthful travel tips? Or honest hindsights? Because that is what I am all about here on this website, all in relation to my three favourite passions in life: Music, Travel and the Creative Arts.

Or do you fancy working with me? If so, please do have a gander at my Work With Me section of my blog, where I share my experiences in the world of writing, presenting (both radio and TV) as well as workshop facilitation, which I love to do, and I am sure- would love to collaborate with you.

About me?

Well, I am an adventure enthusiast, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I love extreme sports and anything that gives me a sense of adrenaline, whether it’s an activity, getting myself in a sticky situation and making my way out, or doing something you wouldn’t imagine. I thrive on it.

I believe in living life to the full and having adventures throughout your life, big or small, with the kids or without the kids, no matter what age you are. I live life by my bucket list which is filled with experiences that are all adventures in itself and make sure I am challenged, emotionally, physically and mentally throughout life, pushing me as a being, constantly to a new person, continuously shaping my perception.

The shireI have done some pretty adventurous things. I have hitchhiked in the Middle East (not intentionally but we did end up doing so); I’ve stripped in front of a tour group and jumped into the icy depths of the Milford Sound, I’ve rented a car under the legal age abroad (they allowed me too because I was English).

I’ve driven a golf cart, a tuk tuk and a scooter, I’ve hiked a glacier, I’ve swam with sharks, I’ve bungee jumped one of the highest jumps in the world, I’ve scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, I’ve abseiled off Twickenham stadium, I’ve been canyoning through waterfalls, I’ve trained and ran a half marathon.

I’ve snowboarded and skied, I’ve gone snake hunting, I’ve tubed in the dark and out in the open, I’ve been steps away from a Hyena out in the bush, I’ve hiked up Mountains and Volcanoes, I’ve surfed in shark prone waters, I’ve swam in the sea in a hurricane, I’ve trekked through the Himalayas on my own suffering from a stomach bug, I’ve trekked on a camel, I’ve slept in airports, train stations, in the desert, I’ve couchsurfed at complete strangers houses, I’ve eaten street food in the wrong places and survived, I’ve sky dived, I’ve stayed in a Buddhist Monastery, I’ve swam with dolphins, manta rays and turtles, and I’ve even parahawked in Nepal.

Happy to be at the topGrowing up abroad and taking my first flight at 4 months old, I have grown accustom to a life that constantly has some sort of movement in it. With parents who have travelled the world, I long to do the same and so since a young age I have flown to various areas of the globe with them and have taken holidays and mini breaks with friends. I have been backpacking since 2010, on and off and for the most part solo, juggling studies and now a career.

Many people explore the world to seek out what is the meaning of life, but I believe through travelling, and even the experiences you can have in your own home, they make your life worth living. What is truly beneficial to one’s existence is the way one sees life, the way one acts in ones life, and the way one’s takes to new experiences and challenges.

All the best and big love.

Vicky x

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Barbarags

    I listened to your podcast on thelmaandlouise.com and enjoyed it very much. Like you I found travelling around India by public transport enormous fun. I’ll certainly be reading your blog in the future and hope to pick up some tips for my own travels, although, alas, they will be of much shorter duration.


    1. Yes, it really is an adventure on public transport! Thanks so much that’s very kind, I promise in August I will smarten my blog up a bit (too busy travelling hahah) and dont worry, it doesn’t matter about time- as long as you enjoy yourself!


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